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Liv Sunshine

Sunshine Coast QLD

Me tapping in the toy store! I love how this tool is right at my fingertips where ever I go! In the heat of the moment, this tool is a sanity saver!

Faster EFT and Ilka especially, have given me real world tools to manage my own Self, my internal voice and rooted unconscious programming. I've finally found something that works in the very short term - instantly really - and in the long term. My mental health is the best its ever been and faster eft has changed my whole world. My body, my mind, my spirit are all benefited from this wonderful tool.

As a by product, so too do my children, my husband and my family and friends... Basically, everyone I know and come across in my days benefits from the time I spend with Ilka. My gratitude and appreciation for Ilka is boundless and eternal.


Debbie Jay

Brisbane QLD, Australia

This woman. I don't even have the words to describe how life changing the world it has been to work with Ilka over the past 2-3 years.

Gabe certainly wouldn't be here if I hadn't done this level of work. If you're at a stage of wanting to recognise and let go of programs and patterns that no longer serve you. I can't recommend Ilka highly enough.


Rachael Hunt

Adelaide, South Australia

I must admit, although I felt so drawn to participate in the 12 week course, I thought "what on earth would I talk about,

I don't really have any deep trauma... I'm already quite a calm parent" and I hadn't ever done any type of tapping before, but holy moly was I wrong!! I uncovered things about myself that I knew were there, but I didn't even realise were affecting me in the way they were.

During the 12 week course with The Awakened Parent Community, my eyes opened further into the world of intergenerational trauma and how if we don't resolve our own trauma and triggers, our children will pick up on them, no matter how small and unconscious they may feel to us, and can take them on as their own.

Having this realisation, and working on myself, has helped me create a deeper relationship with myself and my two daughters. This can and will only make me a better parent to them so the cycle isn't repeated . I am 100% a tapping convert. I couldn't recommend highly enough. Thanks to The Awakened Parent Community!


Kristyn Perry

Emerald Qld

"In the past I haven't shared a great deal of the real me with the public...or those closest to me...

I share the things that create joy within myself and the things I think will bring joy to others...lots of programs (including but not limited to 'people pleasing, feeling judged, being shamed etc etc etc).

When I first discovered The Awakened Parent Community I was at one of the 'lowest' points of my life. Felt like I had nothing left, had no idea where to go-felt like I'd tried all the things, was one step away from medicating myself again, would wake up and count down the hours til I could go back to sleep....

PRESENT MOMENT...I feel joy, hope, laughter, love, accountability, welcome and wanted. Free to be myself-and I'm still learning who that is...excited for each day.

The light bulb moments, the validation, the acceptance, light and laughter!!!!! SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL!!!!!!

My daughter sent me a tiktok a couple of days ago with a video of authoritarian parenting vs gentle parenting and said thank you for being a gentle parent!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That is everything to me.

We are all trying our best and me learning to change my programs is creating an incredibly important future for my babes!!!"


Casey Belz

Maryborough QLD

How do you put into words the life changing benefit of joining the Awakened Parent Community and having Ilka in your life! I'll give it a go.....

My answer: I was desperately trying to figure out why I was failing at parenting. I was failing at staying calm in all the tough moments when I promised myself I would be understanding and patient and then beating myself up afterwards when I wasn't a perfect parent. I am now empowered with the tools to get to the root of the issue and work through the anger, frustration and resentment and let it all go! I am genuinely happier and calmer and enjoying parenting! (even through the tougher experiences) I now see challenges as opportunities to grow !

My husband's answer: the benefit's are you are happier and calmer in situations and putting out more. The negative is you want everyone in the world to do it too.


Roxana Catalina Alupoaie


It's a powerful life-changing choice you are about to make

In just 3 weeks my life shifted from grieving, feeling abandoned and lots of anxiety (which is what I lived as a teenager). I lost a few kilos, I’m not eating compulsively, I feel attractive which I haven’t felt in the last 10 years. I got a new haircut and colour and lots of new things in my life, I am welcoming.

I recommend Ilka and Jo from my heart. Jo deeply deeply felt what I felt, she knows what it’s like to feel unloved, she held a sacred space for me to acknowledge and realise I’m not “wrong” I’m not sick, it’s just the pain of that child (my inner child). Ilka has such a wisdom, such an understanding. I truly cannot put into words I worked with lots of Faster EFT Practitioners.

Ilka and Jo are gifted in helping you to change fast, because they have a deep understanding and they go deep to unveil old memories and for me especially feelings. I was like Oh yeah Oh Wow and each session I changed my whole life. So I encourage you to spend this amount of money for this online class. Do this not only for your child, as you might expect but do this for yourself.

To release your emotional garbage, to feel attractive again, to enjoy life at a new level. You will start to feel the change. If you are questioning enrolling, you are here, reading my message, to take this chance for you. It’s a powerful, life-changing choice you are about to make.


Kelly Westley

Loxton South Australia

I have learned to allow more flow into my life

I have learned to allow more flow into my life. To let go of control and high expectations. To find my worth and true values is an exciting way to live. I know I can ask any question and get an honest answer with a smile.


Rosie Anstsis

Sunshine Coast QLD

Make this course a priority even if right now, it feels like nothing could make a difference

If you are ready to grow and challenge the way you currently live, feel and parent then make this course a priority for yourself and your family. You won’t regret anything you do to help improve the relationship with yourself and your family - even if right now, it feels like nothing could make a difference.


Jemma Pearson

Buderim QLD

Your insights have helped me become a better, more aware mum

Thank you so much to Ilka for your honesty and compassion, and most of all your sense of humour. Your insights into the struggles we all face as parents have not only helped me become a better and more aware mum, but also allowed me to forgive myself for, and learn from, my own faults and failings. Thanks again – I don’t know what I’d do without you xxx

I am much more able to see my child as an autonomous being who is just living his own life. My reaction to his behaviour tells me more about my own triggers than it does about him. The course is not about ‘fixing’ your children. It is designed to open your eyes to why you do, say and feel the way you do as a parent. Be open to going within and examining your own beliefs but be equally open to letting that stuff go. And be kind to yourself!

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