Ilka Oster

Ilka shares her experience with all those who seek

authentic, honest, conscious relationships

​The Awakened Parent Courses and

individual sessions are for people

desiring to connect with their

partners and children from a foundation

of trust, mutual respect and love

With 3 children and over 20 years of parenting experience, Ilka has come to know that it is not about who our children become, but about who we become throughout this great opportunity known as parenting.

Ilka embraces a no-bullshit, look in the mirror approach

to life that takes persistence, huge doses of courage and

most importantly a well-honed sense of humour.

​If you aren't already a member of our Private FB Group - The Awakened Parent Community, then please check out our info below and if it resonates with you, come join us.

Welcome to the Awakened Parent Community

​If you are looking for a tribe of people who are wholeheartedly committed to their conscious evolution as a parent then please read on.

Our focus in this group is loving yourself, being true to yourself and 100% accepting yourself. It’s about becoming a Rockstar at being “self” responsible. It is about the journey inwards to yourself.

Yes it can be scary as fuck!

Yes you need courage to do it!

Yes it’s the most important work you will ever do in your life.

On the other side of this work is a deeper value in oneself, a stronger ability to be emotionally self regulated, more power to live centred in what’s important to you and more ease and clarity in self expression.

If you’re already wondering why your kids have not been mentioned yet - that is because this course focuses entirely on the parent doing their own inner work.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that when the adult shifts the child shifts too. If you are looking for a place to fix your kids this is NOT your community.

Before joining our community it’s super important to understand that everything we do is built on the following beliefs:

We believe being a parent is the most valuable and most challenging role on earth.

We believe it truly takes a village of at least 15 people joyously committed to encouraging and supporting our role as a parent to have some chance of giving our children the best opportunity to grow as themselves.

Given that very few people in the western world (that we know of) are living this way, we assume all parents are doing the best they can in this VERY CHALLENGING and often very lonely role of parenting in our culture the way it currently is.

We believe parents who do their own inner work are the leaders in changing the value that is placed on parenting in our culture.

We believe that our children are born as divine, spiritual, free will beings, here to have their own human experience.

We believe children have the ability through the awareness of their own feelings to know what is good for them and what is not. As parents we are here to nurture this innate wisdom, listen and learn from our children’s intuitive nature and share the joy of living as abundant, creative, healthy, powerful, intelligent beings.

We believe that children are here to teach us NOT the other way around. What we mean by “teach” is that they can show us the parts of ourselves that are out of alignment with abundance, creativity, health, divine power, and divine intelligence.

We believe personal awakening deepens as we become fully aware that our triggers are an opportunity for our own personal growth.

Below is a list of common childhood expressions, emotional responses and behaviours that many parents we’ve worked with have called triggers.

Yelling, Disrespect, Eye-Rolling, Whining, Not Listening, Lying, Brooding, Anger, Frustration, Impatience, Disgust, Hostility, Resentment, Disappointment, Embarrassment, Sweetness, Shyness, Insecurity, Sensitivity, Nervousness, Gloominess, Unappreciativeness, Ungratefulness.

These common triggers are our greatest rope line back to our own past. They support us in finding what needs to be released and integrated to feel fully whole and complete in ourselves.

The online zoom calls that take place in the Empowered Parent Course group each week are deeply committed to working on these and many other triggers. Here you are fully supported and guided through your own inner work to release years of programs, generational patterning and belief systems that no longer serve you as an adult.

If you’ve read this far……

You may be starting to wonder if being in this group requires massive courage, deep vulnerability and brutal self-honesty.

Fuck Yeah! Yes It Does

This group is not for every parent.

We respectfully acknowledge that everyone is at different points on their own personal journey and not joining this group right now may be the best choice for you.


If you’re feeling like Yay, OMG, Fuck Yeah I’ve finally found my tribe. Happy Dance!


We are so excited to embrace you as a self-responsible parent who is open to learning the “How To” of Conscious Parenting so that more of your radiant, powerful, unique spirit shines through.

We’ve found that the following statements resonate strongly with parents in our Community:




Even if these statements speak to you, we get that of course there will be times when you are not feeling so light filled and willing to work on yourself.

Times where eating a whole tub of ice cream, binge-watching Netflix all day or running away to a cave in the mountains and never coming back feels more like a good plan.

This community is here when you are feeling on top of the world AND when your cave is beckoning.


Together we will:

Continue evolving

Do the inner work to reveal our full inner power

Be our unique selves and have the courage to take a different path to those around us

Contribute to raising the perceived value of being a parent in our culture

Work on triggers and discomfort, collapse generational patterns and transform core childhood programs

Support each other in being included, important, recognised, heard and accepted

Honour our commitment to awakening

Relish the opening up to new opportunities

Reconnect to our why and our purpose

Practice self-compassion

Live our fullest lives

Be an inspiration to our families

The INVESTMENT you are making for yourself in joining this group is BIG, It’s HUGE, It’s POWERFUL.

Congratulations and Thank YOU!



Roxana Catalina Alupoaie


In just 3 weeks my life shifted from grieving, feeling abandoned and lots of anxiety (which is what I lived as a teenager). I lost a few kilos, I’m not eating compulsively, I feel attractive which I haven’t felt in the last 10 years. I got a new haircut and colour and lots of new things in my life.

I recommend Ilka and Jo from my heart. Jo deeply deeply felt what I felt, she knows what it’s like to feel unloved, she held a sacred space for me to acknowledge and realise I’m not “wrong” I’m not sick, it’s just the pain of that child (my inner child).

Ilka has such a wisdom, such an understanding. I truly cannot put into words. I worked with lots of Faster EFT Practitioners. Ilka and Jo are gifted in helping you to change fast, because they have a deep understanding and they go deep to unveil old memories and for me especially feelings.

I was like Oh yeah Oh Wow and each session I changed my whole life. So I encourage you to spend this amount of money for this online class. Do this not only for your child, as you might expect but do this for yourself. To release your emotional garbage, to feel attractive again, to enjoy life at a new level. You will start to feel the change. If you are questioning enrolling, you are here, reading my message, to take this chance for you. It’s a powerful, life-changing choice you are about to make.


Rosie Anstis

Mountain Creek, QLD

If you are ready to grow and challenge the way you currently live, feel and parent then make this course a priority for yourself and your family.

You won’t regret anything you do to help improve the relationship with yourself and your family - even if right now, it feels like nothing could make a difference.


Jemma Pearson


Thank you so much Ilka and Jo for your honesty and compassion, and most of all your sense of humour.

Your insights into the struggles we all face as parents have not only helped me become a better and more aware mum, but also allowed me to forgive myself for, and learn from, my own faults and failings.

Thanks again ladies – I don’t know what I’d do without you xxx


Nicole Humphrey

Brisbane, QLD

l have had the honour of sharing the amazing friendship, wisdom, beauty, honesty, love, authenticity, lessons & humour these two amazing souls have to offer.

I am so grateful for having Ilka come into my life a long time ago & show me the parent (being) l wanted to be, allowing my kids to be their unique selves with no control or judgement (still learning, hehe always…)

These two are so amazing together, it will be life changing!!!! Are you ready for change??

Enjoy the process to become the best version of yourself & open to deeper, more loving & beautiful connections. Gratitude & love.


Cath Manuel

Noosa, QLD

Thank you so much Ilka and Jo. I have learned so much about myself through doing your course and your weekly online calls.

What I love and appreciate the most is that I come to you when I am challenged by situations in life that have me in a negative emotional state, together we work through those challenges to get back to feeling my smiling, laughing and happy self again, which is the real me.

When difficulties in life arise, I now have the skills to change the beliefs within myself to improve the situation.

I am very grateful for the support and encouragement from these incredible women and recommend their programs to anyone wanting to live an authentic life.


Kelly Westley

Loxton, South Australia

I have learned to allow more flow into my life around my children. To let go of control and high expectations.

To find my worth and true values is an exciting way to live. I know I can ask any question and get an honest answer with a smile


Glenn Burton

Sunshine Coast, QLD

For the first time in more than 8 months I took time out from work to be with my kids and I wasn’t anxious.

Ilka is making a big difference to my life

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