I am Ilka Oster

Advanced EFT/eutaptics Practitioner

It lights me up inside to see my clients recognise their joyful creative genius.

I completely understand your frustration of wanting to “have it all”, to be a success in your career/business, relationships, finances, health and well-being.

Why? Because I know you’ve done the work and had the courage to open that door and step into the drivers seat of your own life. You’re just a little too close to see the most hidden areas of your creative genius in your blind spots.

Over the last 25 years I’ve leveraged my love of freedom, curiosity and personal transformation into an art-form. I support those with the courage to be different and live life on their own terms.

I joyously walk with you in your quest to develop the deepest level of self awareness, presence, health and well-being and create the life that you came here to live.

Is this YOU?

YOU are a self-aware, fun, emotionally intelligent, adventurer and truth-seeker.

YOU thrive on new ideas and getting the results you want in your life.

YOU have a deep need for a cutting edge technique that leads to change so that you can access every facet of your brilliance RIGHT NOW!!!

If this sounds like you, I'd love to chat with you. Email me at ilkajoster@gmail.com or click the link below to book your Free 30 minute Discovery Call.

My Services

My uncanny ability to ask the right questions, mixed with double servings of humour and kindness offers the precise combination to bring your brightest shiniest hidden treasures to the surface.

I am passionately committed to this work which I have joyously brought to the world for over 9 years and more than 10,000 hours with clients.

One of my highest values is continual learning and honing of my skills. As a certified Advanced EFT/eutaptics practitioner, along with regular client work, I also mentor up and coming Faster EFT/eutaptics Practitioners and have been teaching Levels 1 to 4 for several years.

My work is based on Faster EFT and includes many other techniques, including:



Schema Therapy and Imagery Re-scripting (Memory Fipping, Memory Re-consolidation)

Safe Place Memory (Happy Memory)

Chair Technique Elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Mindfulness of Emotions and Body Sensations

Mindfulness of Breath

Conative Diffusion (compassion for younger self)

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Hypnotic Language

Timeline Therapy

Provocative Therapy

Exposure Therapy

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How clients have changed their lives

The Awakened Parent

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We'll see your innermost genius

We’ll unleash your passion and desire

We’ll experience freedom

We’ll bring peace and tranquility

We’ll express joy

What’s reflected back to you will be miraculous and magical and will surpass your wildest dreams

I am your mirror

You are my mirror

Faster EFT is our doorway to Self-Mastery


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9 Years

Advanced EFT/eutaptics Practitioner


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