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I’m Ilka Oster.

Hi! I’m Ilka.

I know that a healthy, successful thriving business can grow and expand even faster with a healthy successful thriving person driving it. I know this because of where I’ve come from.


I spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of my life looking outside myself for answers on how to gain the freedom I so desperately wanted.


And I never obtained it.

I thought all the coaches and manifesting/law of attraction people who told me to just feel free now must have a different body and mind to me.


I really did not know how to do this.


That was until I came across Faster EFT and began releasing 40 years of baggage and literally changing myself from the inside out.

I got so excited about Faster EFT and how amazing I now felt, I trained and become a Level 4 practitioner so I could share my knowledge.

Today I have the honour of working with inspiring successful business clients all over the world who know that working on their inner world is the fastest way to change their outer world, and fast-track the growth of their businesses.

To find out more about how Faster EFT can work for you, join me on my Facebook page at GrowingInnerWealth or if you’d like to talk with me, just fill out the contact form below.

I look forward to meeting you soon.



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